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Angharad has spent much of her life searching for the fragments of her native spirituality, delving beneath layers of Christianity to follow pathways back through the portals of ancient myth and early poetry of Britain. Her journey has included training and practice within the Western Magical Traditions as well as Celtic Shamanism. Since childhood however, intuitive journeys across the landscapes of Wales, listening with her feet, dreaming with the land, finding new, old ways of knowing have been her strongest inspiration. Along the way, moon and seasonal tides have become blood tides, nature has become her sustaining guide and the ancestors of this land her teachers.

She regularly runs workshops and retreats, presents lectures and courses to share her knowledge and understanding of the old ways of this land, and their application in our world today. This work includes deep work with myth, exploring old ways of knowing, the dreaming of this land, leading pilgrimages across the land, work specifically with women, holding ceremony and co-creating ritual.


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