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I'm an earth lovin' mum of Max (15) and Bash (5) living in west Wales where I run the office for a boatbuilder.... doing everything you can think of except actually building the boats!

I'm absolutely in love with the land where I live and am happiest when I'm out walking in the Preselis. I also like reading (especially anything that prompts spiritual enquiry, and in particular British/Welsh mythology over the past few years) and cooking. A perfect day for me would be walking in the Preseli hills with my boys and friends on a clear autumn day, stopping in at a pub together and then everyone back to mine for a crockpot dinner and apple crumble before spending a quiet evening reading by the fire.

My passion is connecting our community with one another and the land; I run a red tent for the women in our community, and I've just started organising open events to gather men, women and children to care for and honour our land and seas together. In the past couple of years I have started to offer workshops to help women to connect with the inner divine feminine, and also rites of passage ceremonies for women in our community - I would love to find someone to work in balance with to offer rites of passage for men as well.

I really enjoy making things... from birthday cakes to pumpkin carving, body castings to natural beauty products, sewing, painting, upcycling furniture - if I can fiddle something into creation or renewal with my hands then I'm happy! In the summer I also like gardening (especially veggies) and going to small festivals, any kind of music really but especially folk or acoustic :-) I have great fun getting dressed up as a faun for LARP (live action role play) with my older son a few times a year, running round in the woods in fantasy costume with lots of lovely folk. I love foraging and making the land's bounty into chutneys, puddings and sauces and I've started to become more interested in learning about working with the land and her abundance to help and heal body and spirit. I also enjoy writing poetry - it's usually crap but hey I enjoy just doing it!

I'm always enthusiastic about learning new things and I feel it's so important to our future for us to take personal responsibility for our actions, to feel a true love for the earth and to actually act on that.... and to "remember" what has been discarded or forgotten by our society. The knowing that there is so much we can learn and dream to bring back into our lives and spiritual practice - things which came so naturally to our ancestors, but feeling so limited on my own with no guidance or fellow travellers.... this is what has brought me here.

When I heard of Dadeni being formed and read about what was planned for the retreats and the bigger picture of taking it forward into a spiritual practice for today, I just knew this was where I wanted and needed to be. Meeting Angharad in the summer just put the seal on it for me, I knew it was right and hoped with everything within me that I would be included. The howl-out spoke straight to my heart and my spirit just howled straight back! I'm really excited to be part of Dadeni with you all xxx

Well that's me :-) thanks for reading and here are some of my favourite pics....

My younger son Bash (Sebastian)

My older son Max

Festival time!

Our wonderful local group together for a celebratory equinox journey in the Preselis

Ready for fun at LARP!

Lara Morgan

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