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Ok so here,s a bit about me.

Ive always worked and been interested in the caring industry so it seemed right for me to go into nursing which I loved for a long time, it took me to some wonderful places and met some amazing people along that path.

But I was always pulled to the complementary side ,first coming across reiki and then went on to study a higher diploma in acupuncture which was so interesting but unfortunately the course ceased and not long after we left Australia to return to Wales.

I delved into some shamanic medicine upon my return here and found it so interesting, but it seemed lacking in the ways of these lands! But ultimately it was QHHT or quantam healing hypnosis technique (Dolores Cannons work)that really got me hooked and working in hypnosis. After having my own session and taking the advice I completed level 1 and then 2 and was taught by Dolores Cannons daughter Julia and Suzanne Spooner. Flying back home from that course in Dublin reminded me of coming off of the cloud after our first Dadeni retreat.

I have since gone on to complete an advanced Diploma in hypnotherapy and have also completed Introspective hypnosis which specializes in forgiveness, role change and removal of spiritual attachments similar method to Alba Weinman uses(check out you tube)

All of the above methods Ive incorporated into my work and have phenomenal sessions. I feel very humbled to be doing this work and help people reconnect to themselves and more.

Coming onto Dadeni seemed a natural progression for me to reconnect with this land and its ways and to help the land and her inhabitants.

Im currently working on a webpage! not my strong point! but do have a qhht facebook page if you wish to have a look at named qhhtnorthwales where youll find some session stories etc.

Heres a few pics .I also wanted to add that Ive always loved travelling and meeting and seeing difference places on this wonderful planet we call home and have a deep respect for Pachamama. Some of the memorable places Ive travelled to has been Australia and its people(married one)!New Zealand absolutely beautiful, South America(Bolivia I particulary liked) Easter Island(those stones)!!Bali,South east asia. I do feel I have a bit more traveling to do time will tell!.I love world music and lots of different sorts. I particulary like the parade of nations that goes through Llangollen International Eisteddfod each year bringing all our nations together in celebration of dance and music.

I feel quite passionate about bringing small indigenous nations together ,so dadeni is helping me get back in touch with mine so we can all celebrate,share

and dance together for mother earth.

Alys Bramwell

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