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Nyt o vam athat. Pan ym digonat. Am creu am creat. O nawrith llafant. O ffwyth o frwytheu. O ffwyth duw dechreu. O vriallu a blodeu bre. O vlawt gwyd a godeu O prid o pridret. Pan ym digonet . O vlawt danat. O dwfyr ton nawvet.


Not of mother and father, When I was made, Did my Creator create me. Of nine-formed faculties, Of the fruit of fruits, Of the fruit of the primordial God, Of primroses and blossoms of time hill, Of the flowers of trees and shrubs. Of earth, of an earthly course, When I was formed. Of the flower of nettles, Of the water of the ninth wave.

Cad Goddeu ~ TALIESIN

Nine moons of making, nine bardic laws, nine waves of wisdom, nine.....

  • To know: learning about our past in order to understand our present and consciously create our future

  • To be: connection to place, nature, ourselves, spirit / source

  • To honour: honouring of the ancestors, spirit of place, nature, land, ourselves and each other

  • To listen: divination and the art of deep listening to life’s whispers

  • To ask: working with indigenous elders from other traditions in order to learn and deepen our own practice

  • To dare: deep, creative, boundary breaking exploration and innovation informed by knowledge, experience and intuition.

  • To create: encouraging expression in all forms, vocal, physical, artistic, literary and ritual

  • To give: to channel our knowledge, experience and energy for the good of others and our earth

  • To love: finding a deeper connection with ourselves (our past and future), with others, with our Earth and the universe through this work.

These are the nine principles which guide the work of DADENI Spirit School  


  • To bring an open, enquiring mind to this work and a courageous, loving heart

  • To bring the best of yourself to the group and work with your highest integrity

  • To be tolerant of others within the group regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation or background, acknowledging that everyone’s learning and life journey is different

  • To be responsible with what you learn and how and when you share it with others

  • To bring your own gifts and knowledge to this work and share them appropriately with an open heart

  • To commit to attending all six retreats over the three years, understanding that this is both a deep personal and transformational journey as well as a group journey made together.

  • To acknowledge that your time is no more valuable than anyone else’s, and therefore commit to being punctual to sessions

  • To come to the retreats clean of any substances that may impact upon your presence, focus and capacity to participate fully in the work, including mind altering drugs and alcohol

  • To understand that this is the beginning of a journey, not the end

We ask that each participant agrees to adhere to this code throughout the three year programme

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