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Anti Viral Virtual Voices

How can we stay centred and connected during these times of isolation?

During these times of high tension both in our individual bodies and our collective mind, it can be difficult to keep our heads above the noise and our hearts open. The voice is an incredible tool that can be used to access and shift stuck emotions that get stored in the body. Panic and stress have a negative impact on the immune system and now it is even more important that we turn inwards and connect to the innate intelligence of our own bodies and voices in order to regain a state of balance and harmony within ourselves and with each other.

If we can stay present to what is happening in us and not fall into the trap of unconsciously reacting to external influences then we can try and stay sensitive to what wants to move inside of us emotionally and to take this current situation as an opportunity, not to avoid and be distracted but to notice what is arising in us, to turn and face it and to shift it using our voice. This can create more space inside us to be better able to face this challenge with clarity and integrity by applying these tools into our daily practice in order to stay grounded in our bodies, present and strong.

My friend Katya and I will be hosting free online weekly zoom calls where we can virtually come together to sing, move, breathe and connect. We will share a new link to the Zoom Class each week on our event page here and on our website.

Together we can become warriors of sound, dancing and singing in the unseen worlds and building virtual bridges where we can join our voices in a chorus to release, uplift and rejoice.

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