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Sounds to Soothe

In these times of uncertainty and doubt with a whole lot of tumultuous energy zipping about, its time we gave ourselves permission to slow right down. To stop, even, if that is possible for you. Its not the time to speed up and pile on the pressure to achieve, make the utmost of whatever extra free time we might have in the current circumstances and give ourselves over to a world eagerly awaiting an endless stream of distractions. First we need to deeply feel what is truly going on for us. This means getting present with all the strange and uncomfortable feelings swimming about inside, for at a time of crisis there are bound to be many. Allowing ourselves to feel without self-judgement and without shame. When we aren't feeling pressured to create, when we pause and gift ourselves the luxury of undefined time and space is paradoxically when ideas, creativity and spontaneous, meaningful acts can more freely emerge.  Last week after some time away from the endless news and social media streams, I felt called to sit down with my sounding instruments and record the improvised journey that followed. The result was a short piece incorporating chimes, kalimba and other sound instruments. The intention I held whilst playing was to ‘soothe our frazzled edges’. I hope this small offering helps do just that. This is best heard on headphones whilst reclining comfortably with your eyes closed.

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